WE COME AS FRIENDS wins Vienna Film Prize 2014

For the sixth time, this year the Vienna Film Prize (Wiener Filmpreis) was awarded separately in both the Feature Film and Documentary categories. There are two equal prizes, each of which consists of monetary and material awards worth 12,000 euros. The Vienna Film Prize continues to represent encouragement and recognition of the work of Austrian filmmakers.


Winner Documentary – WE COME AS FRIENDS

Excerpt from the jury’s decision:

In an unusual narrative structure, WE COME AS FRIENDS presents impressions and facts around the founding of the state South Sudan. At times, the way of making contact and reporting seems highly subjective, almost extraterrestrial. This anarchistic-like approach and the images, which follow a disconcerting rhythm, carry a documentary that is both complex and deeply distressing.

Jury members: Andreas Beck, Arno Geiger, Philipp Hochmair, Eva Jantschitsch, Elke Siliva Krystufek


Picture: © Viennale/Alexander Tuma